Brand Development, Website Design, Custom Ecommerce, User Experience

2015 – 2021

As a well-established and growing organization, MAAS was seeking a website overhaul to update their image and also streamline their processes for managing events, content, and memberships.

After mapping out the main goals, the website was going to need to serve as more than just an information portal. A custom integrated solution brought together membership management, event posting and ticketing, and the ability to gate for members-only access to specified content areas.

As active writers and content creators, it was important that content was easy to manage and organized for not just members to find it, but also for search engines. With thoughtful architecture in place, articles, videos, and archived content are easier to access on the front and back ends.

Creating the website as a resource for members turned it into more than a digital brochure. Members could now access exclusive lecture recordings, receive special pricing for events, and manage their membership renewals.

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